Interview with Laura Lampe!

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Back at it again, yogis!

This week we just couldn’t stay away from the studio because Laura Lampe was teaching her Tuesday night class.

Laura has been practicing yoga for four years and has been teaching at AOY since October! Her favorite pose is Balancing Half-Moon because though it seems like a daunting, difficult stance, once she finds her balance she feels graceful!


What made you start yoga?

It all began with curiosity. I was unfit from raising three children and started going to the gym to try and lose weight. All the exercise and sweat made me feel so good I wanted to expand into something else, which turned out to be yoga. It immediately knocked me on my butt- and I loved it.

Why did you choose to work at AOY?

I love urban spaces and because of the Art Of Yoga’s unique environment and setting in the city it stands out.

What makes AOY different?

There’s no pressure here with such a supportive community. In an environment as awesome as downtown Columbus, it’s difficult to find a good yoga studio. So when Ryan opened this studio up it gave everyone an inexpensive and accessible opportunity to do something they love. Young professionals sometimes move down here and they are thrilled when they find AOY.

What do you teach in yoga?

I stress as much as possible that breath is so important. Stay with your breath and it helps you approach a pose without being afraid of running away from it. People don’t often associate the two, but breathing and movement are so vital for yoga.

People think meditation is an afterthought but to me yoga is a moving meditation. It can look like anything you want it to look like. It could be taking a walk, washing dishes, running, as long as you stay in breath.

What has yoga done for you as a person?

How much time do you have?

(We had a good laugh over that one!)

Not only is yoga another way to work out, it affects almost every aspect of my life. How well I sleep, how I care for myself, how I manage stress and how I interact with other people. When you take your yoga off the mat it changes you. I always say that literally everyone should do yoga because the world would be kinder.

I’m terrified of beginning my first yoga session- what’s your advice?

Most people are afraid of being judged and everyone remembers whats that like. But no one is perfect, even those impressively bendy yogi divas on Instagram. They’re constantly working on the next thing, that’s why it’s called practice, because no one is ever done with yoga.

What’s your favorite part about practicing yoga?

A teacher once talked about yoga and I really admired his point of view. When we practice yoga we step just outside of that everyday life, chaos, noise, and we come into ourselves mentally and physically. Then when we step back into life we are stronger and can handle it.

Any final words of wisdom for practicing yogis?

Practice is coming. I think people come to the first few classes and they’re so down on themselves over a simple reason such as they can’t touch their toes. You make incremental progress in yoga. Keep showing up to classes and each day you might come a half an inch closer to touching your toes. That’s what I like to leave people with.

Practice and all is coming.