Best Yoga Deal. Ever.


And no. We are not just saying that. Please consider the details of our offer:

For $45/Month, you can attend any regularly scheduled class at The Art of Yoga. As many as you would like. Yes, unlimited yoga. Well, as many classes as we offer. The more people that sign up for this deal, the more classes we add to our schedule. (Hey, we have to fit all of you in here somehow!)

You are probably wondering what the catch is; probably a long term contract, right? Wrong. We don’t like long term contracts, because we always feel trapped. That’s why we didn’t want to tie this offer to a one year contract or event a six month contract. Or even a three month contract! Our Best Yoga Deal is a one month contract that renews monthly*. You won’t feel trapped. If anything, you’ll feel liberated.

Ok. You’re probably ready to sign up. You’re at your computer, yelling, “I’m in!” But, wait. There’s more. No, seriously, there is more to this offer.

Bring a Guest for $2. Yes. As long as you are a monthly member with our Best Yoga Deal you can bring a guest to any regularly scheduled class for just $2.

Just one more thing. As a monthly member you will also receive 10% off retail purchases. In 2015, we’re expanding our retail section greatly and this opportunity for additional savings will definitely be an added bonus you will appreciate.

To review: $45/Month for unlimited yoga, plus bring a guest for $2, plus 10% off retail.
It really is the Best Yoga Deal. Ever.

To get started today, sign up through MindBody, our trusted and secure payment processor (from the same folks who provide our online schedule): Here is the link to sign up.

*Contract Duration and Automatic Renewal: Contract is in force for 1 month from the Contract Start Date, with automatic renewal for each subsequent month, unless cancelled, with notification of 30 days in advance of the next billing date.

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