A New Path Forward for The Art of Yoga



November 20, 2015

The Art of Yoga Commits to Donating Profits to Central Ohio Organizations Focusing on Nutrition in Under-served Communities.

 The Art of Yoga Wants To Be A Model For Socially Responsible Yoga Studios Nationwide


Columbus, Ohio, November 20, 2015- The Art of Yoga will complete a restructuring process in early 2016 as a public benefit corporation, a relatively new corporate structure that prioritizes a social mission. The social mission, in this case, is funding nutrition projects in under-served communities in Central Ohio — over profit. Benefit Corporations are for-profit companies that are obligated to consider the impact of their decisions on society.

As a result of this new structure, the studio announced their new mission: “The Art of Yoga offers the highest quality yoga instruction, with a low financial cost of entry, in a welcoming studio that showcases art from local artists. Our environmental and societal impact are among our highest concerns; therefore we are dedicated to adapting our mission, our values, and our commitments to pursue the greatest impact on the Central Ohio community.”

The studio at The Art of Yoga functions not only as a yoga studio, but also as an art gallery; featuring work from Central Ohio artists sildenafil citrate 100mg. Previous artists that have displayed their work inside the studio include: Catherine Bell Smith, Lisa McLymont, Adam Crum, Danielle Poling, and Jamie Sommer, to name just a few.

Ryan Bauer, the owner of The Art of Yoga, explains the functionality of the art gallery, “The art gallery of the studio has always functioned entirely in favor of the artists, financially speaking. We have never taken a commission or fee from the artists. They display their work at no cost and any sales are given 100% to the artists.” Mr. Bauer continues, on the future of the art gallery, “By incorporating this new public benefit guidance, we will continue with the practice of having all art sale proceeds go directly to the artist, but also open up an avenue for The Art of Yoga to become more involved in promoting public art in our community.”

The Art of Yoga is also dedicated to engaging beyond its walls with the greater issues and conversations affecting artists and the yoga community. “We truly want to support, serve, and champion both the art and yoga communities, especially those professionals working in less commercial areas,” explains Mr. Bauer.

When it comes to the yoga side of the business, Mr. Bauer explains both the past and future of the studio under the new structure. “In the beginning, my initial idea for The Art of Yoga was to operate as a donation based yoga studio, often known as karma yoga.” What he found was that the Columbus yoga community expected an online schedule, with the ability to both pay for and book their classes online. As such, The Art of Yoga, registered as a for-profit organization, in order for the studio to provide these types of services.

Mr. Bauer, who works full time and has other business endeavors, has not taken pay from the studio, instead investing any profit back into the studio. For the remainder of 2015, the studio will continue to re-invest their profits into the studio, updating the studio floor and heating elements. “I’ve been happy to act more as a custodian, than owner; cleaning, painting, and updating our social media and schedule. All of these things, and more, I’ve been happy to do, because I’m so truly passionate about both art and yoga.”

On the selection of partnering with organizations focused on nutrition in under-served communities, Mr. Bauer explains, “When I thought back to the initial idea of a donation based yoga; I really craved for this notion that The Art of Yoga could do more for our community. It’s no secret that smart nutrition leads to a healthy and productive life and is just as important to overall well-being as yoga is physically or art is mentally.  I think we can truly make a difference in the Central Ohio community, not just with making a financial contribution to organizations that focus on nutrition in our neighborhoods, but also, by introducing this topic to our current student community and broadening the conversation.”

For Mr. Bauer, “This isn’t about just funding a nutrition program, this is about us – as a studio – looking to give greater care to the people in our community, their overall well-being and improving it in as many ways as possible.”

The Art of Yoga will deliver a benefit statement annually that will measure the results of our efforts to promote these public benefits. The first statement will be delivered in March of 2017.  The Art of Yoga expects to release more information on program partners as well as process updates over the coming months.

For more information contact:

Ryan Bauer, The Art of Yoga

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